Compositions for Media

Autism:A Curious Case of the Human Mind, dir. Tom Griffiths, 2018

Limbo, created by Lorna Gibson, 2017

Under The Bridge, Dir. Cait Milner (2017)

Hidden Disability, created by Hannah Cross, Grace Bowmaker and Jessica Mayers (2017)

Splash Dash (For Claire House Children’s Hospice), created by Josh Grady, 2016

Falling For You (by Toni Garden, Joshua Grady, Leanne Halpin, Jack Mee and Emma Lobato Castilla.) 2016

Sketch created by Andrew Haworth, Gaia Paulucci Couldrick, Kristie O’Brien, Michael McCormick, Becky Hughes, Aimee Diggle (2016)

131 Hours, created by Abby Brennan, 2016

The Other Side, Dir. Hannah Cross, 2015

Memories Are Made Of This, created by Stott, Gibson, Banner and Cross, 2015

Let’s Make Cake!, Created by Ellen Stott and Lorna Gibson 2015

Art of the Lived Experiment, Dir. Hannah Cross, 2014

1984, Dir. Lorna Gibson,2014

The Fortune Teller, Twisted Showcase Productions, TBR


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